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Synlube 1000 formula No. 6312 is a universal silicone based release agent specifically formulated for the release of both low and high temperature cured urethanes from metal and plastic molds. It is also suitable for use in molding epoxies and Viton®.

Synlube 1000 forms a lubricating, heat stable non-carbonizing film that gives excellent release, surface definition, and mold cleanliness. It is inert, will not corrode metal or plastic molds and does not give off noxious odors at elevated temperatures. Synlube 1000 will not decompose under long exposure to high temperatures 400° F (204° C) associated with some polyurethane, epoxy, and Viton molding operations. Synlube 1000 is equally suitable for polysulfides, polyesters, and rigid and flexible molds. It has unusually low surface tension, spreads easily and rapidly without "fish eyes". Synlube 1000 is cost effective, produces fewer rejects when properly applied, and will not discolor light colored stocks.

Instructions for Use
Aerosol-Note: Always use aerosol and solvent diluted materials in a well-ventilated area.

Spray lightly and evenly on clean mold surfaces. Allow the solvent in Synlube 1000 to evaporate and the surface to air dry for approximately 10 minutes. For quicker drying times, dry the master or mold surface with warm air. Use sparingly; too much release agent tends to build up and cover some details on the master or mold surface. You may wipe off any excess release agent with lint free paper.

Note: Always use aerosol and solvent diluted materials in a well-ventilated area.

You can apply Synlube 1000 Bulk by brushing, spraying, wiping, or dipping. For best results apply Synlube 1000 in a thin, even film.

Physical Properties (Bulk)
The following table lists the properties of Synlube 1000 in bulk.


Synlube 1000



Viscosity @ 75 F (24 C), CPS


Specific Gravity @ 75 F (24 C)


Weight per Gallon, lb.


Flash Point

>0 F (-18 C)

Release Type


Solvent Type


Storage and Handling
Be sure to read the Material Safety Data Sheet that comes with Synlube 1000 before using. Because Synlube 1000 is supplied in flammable solvents, containers should not be stored at room temperature. Do not store above 122° F (50° C). Aerosol cans should not be punctured, incinerated, or used near a source of ignition. Use in well-ventilated atmosphere. Avoid inhaling vapor and excessive contact with the skin.

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